Chair Chris McNamara
1st Vice-Chair Pauline Lesch
2nd Vice-Chair Dianne Helms
Treasurer Monica Lamb
Secretary Kimzie Moss
Parliamentarian Steve Gaylord
Sergeant at Arms Gene Brown
PCT 1 Susan Schaub
PCT 2 Michael Blank
PCT 3 Lane Holcomb
PCT 4 Bob Earley
PCT 6   Available
PCT 7 Jim Yeargan
PCT 8 Robert Hogan
PCT 10 Dianne Helms
PCT 11 Richard Womack
PCT 12 Pam Dill
PCT 17   Available
PCT 18 Sarah Hess
PCT 21   Available
PCT 22 George Aune Jr.
PCT 33 Mary Lewis



Interested in being a Precinct Chair? Complete the application, sign and submit to:

Cooke County Republican Headquarters

701 E. California St. #304

Gainesville, TX 76240